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An all in one app, simple to install. Sensafood is the easiest way for opening your restaurant to a worldwide community of tourists, offering them your restaurant menu in 15 langues


It is an intuitive application running on mobile and / or tablet to instantly offer the restaurant menu in the customer's language, without prior download of application or software.

The waiter supplies a QR code to the client to scan. Immediately, the restaurant menu will appear in its own language, supplemented by ingredients, method of cooking or preparation and a photo of the dish.

The customer chooses his favorite dishes in his own language, add them to his cart, and shows what he wants to order to the waiter.

the advantages of Sensafood


Break up the communication barrier

With foreign customers by offering the opportunity to order dishes in your own language

Avoid disappointments

so that waiters understand customers' specifications despite the of language difference

Optimize your reputation online

Your customers will be able to share their culinary experience to their friends on social media

Show available dishes only

With menus and dishes real-time update on your customized dashboard

Boost your average ticket

A customer who understands what he exactly wants to eat will be more likely to order more than usual

Satisfy customers

A tourist understanding restaurant menu in their own language will definetly be satisfied of their dining experience

Valuing the hosting effort

The effort made by restaurants despite the language difference is necessarily enhanced by the foreign customer, through multilingual tool

Educate on unusual products

The customer will be able to discover products and ingredients that he probably does not know and that are part of your kitchen, with our informative tools

Attract and retain international customers

A customer who is satisfied of his culinary experience will be able to advise your restaurant to his friends back home

Sensafood today

Restaurants equipped
Translated menus
Flashed QRcodes

A management tool

for your restaurant

Through a backoffice dedicated to restaurants, you will now have the ability to manage your business from your computer, tablet or smartphone, and easily.

Start right now

Our partners


Partnership with VAL THORENS ski station for the 2016 season

Val Thorens is the most international French station, with 70% of foreign clients. It is also the most connected station in europe, and that's why Sensafood decided to contribute to this innovation by offering our multilingual service in 45 restaurants in the resort, and to international customers for finally tasting local specialties in their own language.


Sitges opens its doors to Sensafood

With 4 km on the seaside of Barcelona, Spain, Sitges station each year attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Sensafood is the perfect partner to host this international community in their native language, and it starts at April 2016

Retours clients

"This tool really helps getting access to our fabulous gastronomy to a large international community that unfortunately used to chose the simplest dishes"

Eric Bonnel
Head of Val Thorens tours.

"It is a very fun tool that facilitates the work of our servers, and we are happy to offer it to our customers"

Sonia Piantoni
Owner of l'Épicurien*, Brasserie du Montana, Le chaudron magique.

"With Sensafood, i had 25 more bookings in less than 10 days"

Benoît Deyne
Propriétaire/chef du Café Peclet.


watch full testimony of our partners and Sensafood restaurants here:

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